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Educational Reading Games for Young Learners

Are you seeking engaging and educational reading games for children? Here are three fantastic options that can make learning fun for early readers!


Perfect for Ages: 5 and up

Why it's great: Spelligator combines fun with phonics practice. Young players start by engaging with consonants and vowels at the rookie level, making it perfect for early readers. The game introduces challenges like digraphs and clusters as they advance, keeping it exciting and educational.

How it works: The game's format helps children build their phonics skills progressively. It's designed to grow with your child, ensuring that it remains engaging as they learn.

Kangaroo Cravings

Perfect for Ages: PreK-2nd grade

Why it's great: Kangaroo Cravings is great because it incorporates movement with learning high-frequency sight words, making it both fun and educational.

How it works: Each card includes a word, an action, and the number of hops on the board. Actions might include hopping, jumping, stomping, or writing the word using different body parts. Players say the word, perform the action and spell it out. This game can be played cooperatively or competitively, with the goal of reaching the pizza first. It features three difficulty levels, so it's great for family play!

The Fidget Game: Sight Words

Perfect for Ages: Pre-k-3rd grade

Why it's great: The Reading Fidget Game is perfect for hands-on learners who enjoy sensory play. It combines pop-it with heart word practice, making it ideal for children who benefit from kinesthetic learning.

How it works: There are five different card sets for pre-k, kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3. You pick the card set for your child. The child picks a card, reads the word, and then rolls the dice. The number rolled is the number of times you pop the pop-it. The person who has popped all the bubbles first is the winner. The game is excellent for practicing heart words and keeping children engaged. It's suitable for individual or group play, making it a versatile addition to any learning environment.

Why it's great: This game is a fantastic way to incorporate sensory play into learning. It keeps students focused and entertained while they practice essential reading skills.

Spelligator, Kangaroo Cravings, and the Reading Fidget Game are all excellent games that make reading fun and interactive for young learners.

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