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Christina Cresswell

Sarah has been working with my 4-year-old daughter since September! My daughter’s ability to identify letters and their sounds has increased dramatically as well as other reading readiness skills! Sarah is always incredibly prepared and brings various teaching tools. When my daughter has gotten silly during sessions Sarah is always ready to mix it up with games, puzzles and new books! My daughter looks forward to her tutoring session each week and is always thrilled to see Sarah at the door. In my daughter’s words “I like her! She teaches me letters and that’s fun! We should get her a pet turtle." We absolutely adore Sarah and highly recommend her services.

Mandy Czajka

Tutoring with Sarah has been worthwhile! Sarah has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable. My son enjoyed the reading material and would be excited to show me books after his lessons. Sarah has been very patient with him. Tutoring has helped him keep up in school and stay on track.

Allison Korzec

Sarah has been amazing with our daughter. Emily struggles to focus and pay attention and Sarah always manages to keep her engaged! She also has helped her progress with her level of reading. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone!

Kelly Dorais

My son has been working with Miss Sarah for about a year to support reading. She has many great ideas to make reading enjoyable for a struggling reader. She focuses on the need of the child, whether it’s with comprehension, phonics, fluency, etc and flexes the lessons to keep it new and engaging. We have seen such great progress in his ability but most importantly his confidence! He enjoys reading now even if it gets tough. I would highly recommend working with Miss Sarah!
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