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Reading Tutoring Services

Letter Recognition

Individual Reading Assessments

I chose the reading assessment for your child based on their age and the information you provided me through email or phone. I then utilize the assessment information to create tailored lesson plans for your child. Also, I can share the information with you, and you can use it to decide how to help your child move forward.

I offer the following assessments:

  • Letter Recognition

  • Letter Sound Recognition

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Concepts of Print

  • Quick Phonics Screener

  • Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI)

  • Spelling Inventory

pre-k tutoring

1-on-1 Reading Tutoring
In-Person and Online

My reading tutoring services are customized to meet the specific needs of each child. After reviewing the assessments, I create a plan based on the student's areas of strength and strategic need. I then provide explicit instruction based on their needs, using passages they will be interested in and playing games reinforcing the lesson's goal.


In addition, I work collaboratively with parents by communicating the day's lesson, providing passages to work on, and listening to parent's input.


Private tutoring

Small Group Tutoring

Students thrive when they engage in collaborative learning within small groups. This focused instruction fosters a supportive and enriching educational environment.

Please note the following information: The expenses are shared among group members, with each family responsible for a portion.

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