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Phonics for Reading




12 Weeks

Course Objectives

Phonics for Reading is structured into three levels, each progressively targeting specific course objectives to enhance reading skills, offering a challenging and motivating learning journey.

Level A Course Objectives:

  • Read words containing short vowels.

  • Recognize and use double consonants.

  • Blend consonants effectively.

  • Pronounce consonant digraphs accurately.

Level B Course Objectives:

  • Read words with vowel teams (ee, oa, igh).

  • Read and understand CVCE (consonant vowel consonant e) words.

  • Understand and use r-controlled vowels.

  • Identify and apply various word endings.

Level C Course Objectives:

  • Read words with vowel teams (au, oy, oo).

  • Recognize minor sounds for 'c' and 'g'.

  • Distinguish minor sounds for 'ow,' 'oo,' and 'ea'.

  • Understand and apply prefixes and suffixes effectively.

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