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Reading Tutoring Service - Pre-K to 10th Grade

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Sarah Drewicz - Certified Reading Specialist

Hello, I am a certified reading specialist with 11 years of experience as a classroom teacher and three years as a reading tutor. In my teaching experience, I have had the unique opportunity of seeing children go from learning their letters to reading complex texts. From that experience, I know that children have a wide range of abilities and knowledge. That's why I take pride in providing individualized reading tutoring.​


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education K-6 and Early Childhood Education and a Master's in Education with a Reading Specialist Certificate. In addition, I have a Montessori Certification for Early Childhood (3-6 years) and Lower Elementary (6-9 years). ​

Prior Work Experience

I started my teaching journey at Creative Minds Montessori in Pottstown, PA. During those five years, I had the unique opportunity to teach in three classrooms: toddler, preschool, and elementary grades K-3. Then, I spent six years working at the Coatesville School District. I was a fifth-grade teacher and moved into a reading specialist role where I worked with kindergarten to fifth-grade students. I left Coatesville to stay home with my sweet boys, but I missed working with children.​


Three years ago, I decided to tutor children in my local area. These past three years have reignited my passion for accelerating children's reading capabilities, and I want to continue helping children expand their reading knowledge.

Reading Specialist 

September 2020-August 2021

5th Grade School Teacher

August 2016-August 2020

Montessori Teacher

May 2010-August 2015

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