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Storytime with Sarah

Join me at The Crossroads: Guitars and Art for a magical experience designed especially for little learners! Every session is carefully crafted to engage young minds, fostering a love for reading. Through giggles and stories, your little ones will explore the ABCs in a fun and engaging way. 

Each week, we will focus on a letter in the alphabet and a theme to go along with the letter. The first week's letter is S, and the theme will be Silly. We will read silly stories, sing silly songs, and, throughout that time, learn about the letter S.


Class is recommended for children ages 3-5, but under 3 may attend! Cost is $5 per child.

Classes are held every Tuesday: February 6 - March 26 at 10:30 am.


This is a drop-in class, but please pre-register. 


The Crossroads: Guitars & Art

The Crossroads Guitars & Art fosters a unique cultural experience for local area patrons, resulting in the creation of new music-makers and enjoyable encounters. Learn more about The Crossroads by clicking on the link below.

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