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I am dedicated to providing exceptional educational services to all families.


Letter Learning Class Wednesdays at 10 AM


When your child starts showing interest in learning their letters, you may have some of the following questions.

  1. At what age does my child need to start learning letters?

  2. What are the stages of learning letters?

  3. How do I teach my child letters?

My learning letters class focuses on these questions. It provides pre-reading skills, which include alphabet knowledge and phonological/phonemic awareness. My techniques and lessons for teaching letter knowledge are research-based and effective in teaching children the alphabet.

  • We will meet on Wednesdays for 45 minutes and focus on 3-5 letters each week.

  • The six-week program costs $90 and requires pre-registration. The class needs a minimum of eight students and can accommodate up to ten.

  • The class starts on Wednesday, September 11th. 

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